6 Simple Steps To Picking Industrial Style Coffee Tables

6 Amazing Tips On Buying Industrial Style Coffee Tables

Industrial style coffee tables can be used to transform your living room into a perfect communal living area. Just like lipstick is used to transform a look, so can a unique coffee table. A coffee table can be used for various different purposes for completing the final touches on a room, display or storage. It is important to identify what style you are trying to achieve. Coffee tables can come in lots of shapes, sizes and materials. Choosing between a square, circle or rectangle design and using wood, steel or glass can often be a choice you will have to make. Please read the tips below in helping you come to the perfect decision on the coffee table you need.

Industrial Style Coffee Tables


The price of a coffee table can vary depending on the size and materials used to create it, ranging from very expensive to cheap. It is important to look at the overall budget you have, as this will have to be broken down into various of categories such as lighting, other furniture and accessories. It is good to note that you can move a little on the budget if you see Industrial style coffee tables that you must have, however you may have to compromise on the quality of other items such as chairs, rugs and sofas.


As you start to think about how your living room will be planned out, start to think about the shape you require for the space you want to fill. Ask yourself questions like will your pets or children be affected by a coffee table or is your room large or small. A round coffee table is more ideal if you have children or pets, as it will stop them from injuring themselves because the corners are smooth. If you decide to choose a square or rectangle design allows 30 inches from the coffee table to the tv stand, to allow you room space to walk in between.


As we have discussed the best shape for your situation it is now time to determine what size you might require. The total height of a coffee table is an important factor to take into account. We recommend keeping it no fewer than 2 inches from the sofa. The optimal height of a table is 18 inches so fits perfectly in conjunction with a typically sized sofa on the market. Of course, a height coffee table will require a larger sofa. If you have a lot of guests around to entertain a taller table will be more practical, as more people can be seated around the area.


It is important from the start to decipher what the primary use of the Industrial style coffee tables will be used for. Are you going down the decorative route or storage route? These tables can be built with a draw to store children’s toys and books. They can also be constructed with places to put down drinks and plates securely on top. If decor is the main focus then try contacting a bespoke company who can build to your requirements. We have found a great website called Russelloakandsteel who build items to bespoke measurements  


Coffee tables can come in a variety of materials. Industrial ones mainly use steel. Materials that combine glass and metal can give a more rustic authentic look. If you are looking to be more in tune with nature then picking a table made of oak or maple may be the best choice. However, if you are looking for a more contemporary modern design, then using lucite will create the illusion of a floating table that can look amazing and futuristic.

Scale & Purchase

Scaling can also be a major factor in finding the perfect coffee table. For example, a huge coach will not pair well with a tiny small coffee table. Two pieces such always be of equal size, design and weight to fit in conjunction with one another and not look out of place. Now that we have determined the best choice for budget, style, size, functionality and material, now you have the tools to shop for that perfect match. Check out department stores, antique markets and online outlets such as Etsy. Just remember to keep in mind the measurements you are working to. This will help you make that perfect choice for you and your home. We hope you have enjoyed these 6 awesome tips.

Skypod Flat Roof Lanterns And The Number 1 Reason To Buy

Skypod Flat Roof Lanterns & Is It Worth It?

Skypod flat roof lanterns is a small factor to discuss as the product is essentially a glass and wood ceiling light, very similar to a miniature greenhouse roof, which is incorporated, usually in a flat roof area, in order to introduce light into the area below. It is also possible to incorporate a ceiling lantern on the crest of a roof, and there are other areas where a ceiling lantern can work well if the design and installation are carried out correctly.

Origin Of Roof Lanterns

The roof lanterns were used for the first time in the Georgian era at a time when the first oranges and conservatories were being built. The lantern on the ceiling allowed the entry of light into the staircase of a property and other areas of the house, an important consideration when without electricity or gas, the lighting was the only available and the interiors could be dark even on sunny days.

Natural light

Roof lanterns in their long-established form are basically ceiling lights made of wood and glass and resemble small-scale conservatory ceilings. Normally they are incorporated in rooms with flat roofs to offer natural light to the lower areas. There is also a great possibility of integrating a ceiling lantern on the crest of a roof. It can be useful for many other areas if maximum attention is paid to its proper design and installation.

Windows and glass

Skypod flat roof lanterns help emerge from structures known as oranges that were built in Italy and France in the sixteenth century. The oranges were made of bricks or frames with large glass side windows and a glass structure that rested on the flat roof for additional natural light. The purpose of its construction was to grow oranges under controlled conditions. Nowadays, oranges are considered as a style or form of a conservatory.
During the first days, the glass was manufactured manually and, therefore, it was very expensive. Then, the architects were forced to put aside the use of glass for ceiling lights when designing country houses for wealthy clients. During the last stage of the Victorian era, the machines were used to make glasses, which makes them at a more reasonable price. The society also witnessed an increase in living standards, resulting in an increased demand for glass in housing construction.
People began to incorporate wooden skypods in their homes, hotels, educational institutions and public establishments, such as public libraries and town halls. Domestically, it was used to bring sunlight to the reception rooms, billiard rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.


Unfortunately, it is true that in many cases, these beautiful and large structures were vulnerable to leakage, due to drawbacks in construction methods and sealing materials. There was also the problem that the heat escaped during the winter due to the unique glazing technique. For the purpose of ventilation, the skypods roof lanterns cost of the first days were manually operated by a crank rod, in order to open or close the window system.

Skypod Flat Roof Lanterns

Sealed glass panels

Fortunately, people now have the advantages of current double glazing methods, superior sealing materials and automated electrical systems to operate the roof lantern windows. These improvements, along with the application of double sealed glass panels, ensure that contemporary ceiling lights can maintain a traditional look while providing excellent structural integrity and longevity along with fine insulation properties.


In addition, the use of durable paints and dyes of supreme quality ensures that a contemporary ceiling light will withstand the passage of time with minimal maintenance work. Check out www.rooflightlanterns.co.uk, for the best roof light lanterns, they are an amazing website that sells these products at the cheapest prices. They also have a twitter page to check out.